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Wendy Hodgson-Sadgrove - albums, books, boxes, paper
Phone 780-307-5594 Fawcett, Alberta

Donna Dul's Artistry

Specializes in flower arrangements & painting on saw blades
Donna was raised on a farm in the Dapp area and has had an interest in art since a very young age.  After graduating from NAIT she pursued a career as a lab technician in Calgary for 12 years,  during which time she raised two daughters. With her daughters more independent she took a tole painting course and was hooked on creating with acrylics.  She takes photographs of old farm yards for painting ideas and uses a variety of canvas' but prefers old saws or containers. Most of her work is given away as gifts or as donations, one such donation brought $1500.00 at a STARS charity auction.  Currently she is a homemaker/volunteer firefighter and an avid gardener living on a farm in the Fawcett area with her husband Ted.

Nicholas McCann - Local Guitarist and Pianist

Ellen Sauter Embroidery

Specializing in digitized work, logos, wording
Her work can be seen on Jarvie Jaguars Jerseys, 44 North Hockey Club Clothing and more...
Ellen has been a seamstress for a number of years - she pays special attention to detail and getting it absolutely right is very important in her work - Phone 780-681-2411 for quotes or examples of what she can achieve for you personal needs or business the Sky is the Limit

Telsa Artistry

Telsa enjoys teaching and has instructed at the Flatbush Library on occasion - Her work reflects her love of nature
Phone 780-968-0877 or email at
Pen, Ink, Oil Painting Class Date to be decided At Flatbush Community Complex
This class is for all experience levels Fee $25 (includes all supplies)
Instructor: Telsa Riopel
For more information please call
Ellen Sauter 780-681-2411

Amara Dirks- Photographer - Take a closer look at Amara's beautiful photos by clicking here