Welcome to Flatbush

Where Friends and Rivers Meet - Flatbush, AlbertaThe hamlet of Flatbush is an agricultural town
With cattle and grain farming and a few saw mills around.
The complex that hosts all the big events,
Summer festival, parade, breakfast
And the Oktoberfest tents
Two baseball diamonds, gymkhana and horseshoes
A cold booth with varieties of meals you can choose.
And then there is play school for the pre-kindergarten child
With a playground out back where the kids can run wild.
The Northern Lakes CAP site offers courses galore
The Library holds thousands of books to explore.
Quilters and crafters converge for the day.
"Sew it Seams" they can combine work while they play.
The Hall Board in spring, sponsors a strawberry tea.
The REC Board has the swim program annually.
The Help Service offers a break temporarily
And 4-H kids train for achievement day- warily
The M.D. building and the Fire Hall too
HarvestingWith the "DeFib", "Jaws of Life" and a crack volunteer crew
The brand new Post Office sits on its plot
Across from the new Store which offers a lot.
Silver Threads-Seniors has floor curling and sports
And their famous senior suppers that has attracted all sorts
In the Flatbush Legion where we gather to remember
And often they host a roast supper or two
While throughout the summer there's a
Monthly steak barbeque.
Trans Canada and Klondike are trails you might hike.
For people athletic there's a Golf Course you’d like.
Drift down the Pembina in your favorite canoe
Or picnic by the Athabasca while you enjoy the view
Altogether Flatbush may not be a BIG place
but you're guaranteed to find a friendly smiling face.
By Rose Herdman

Flatbush is located in Municipal District of Lesser Slave No.124 -http://www.md124.ca


  • Flatbush General Store - 780 681 3774
  • Municipal  District of Lesser Slave River 124 Flatbush office - 780 681 3929
  • Flatbush Library - 780 681 3756
  • Fawcett Husky Truck Stop and Sportsman Inn - 780 681 2248
  • Flatbush Golf Course - 780 681 2385
  • Sandra Hairstyling - 780 681 2125
  • Chickadee Farm Herbs 
  • SPIKER Veterinary Services - 780-206-5772
  • Flatbush Office - Ag. Service Board
    Phone: 780.681.3929
    Fax: 780.681.3936
    Toll Free: 1.866.681.3929
  • Flatbush Transfer Site
    Located on Athabina Road at 36-65-2 W5M

    Tuesday: 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Saturday: 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Facilities to Rent

  • Flatbush Community Association Complex
    Home to the Flatbush Library, the Flatbush Community Hall is located along Highway 44 in the Hamlet of Flatbush. This facility can accommodate approximately 350 people and the grounds include ball diamonds, a newly constructed playground, and ample parking. Equipped with showers and partial kitchen amenities, this venue allows for both indoor and outdoor participation.
    TEL: 780-681-3913
  • Flatbush Silver Threads - 780 681 3782
  • Flatbush Royal Canadian Legion #137 Hall
    The Flatbush Legion Branch #137 Hall is available for rental and can accommodate up to 65 people. The hall has full kitchen facilities, pool and shuffleboard tables, and a patio.
    TEL: 780-681-2231
  • French Creek Community Hall - Murray Kerick 780 681 2244


  • Sew it Seams - 780 681 2420                                         
  • Flatbush Volunteer Fire Department - 780 681 2165
  • Ladies Club - 780 681 2102
  • 44 North Hockey Club - 780 681 2161
  • Flatbush Play School - 780 681 2255
  • Flatbush Community Church - 780 681 2256
  • Red Hatter's - 780 681 2231
  • M.D.of Lesser Slave River No.124 Agricultural Service Board - 780-681-3929


  • Fawcett  Husky Truckstop  Sportsman Inn - 780 681 2248



  • TransCanada  Snowmobile  Trail
  • Cross Lake Provincial Park
  • Mosquito Lake Resort - 780 829 2168
  • Long Island Lake
  • Flatbush Golf Course - 780 681 2385
  • Mouth of the Pembina River